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Mindset Synergy is a Brisbane Based provider of Psychology and Business Coaching services with a focus on empowering and enriching the lives of every person they meet.

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Brand Development

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UX Design

Web Development

Print Management

The Brief

Mindset Synergy commissioned us to research and create a compelling visual identity that fit with their two main services, Business Coaching and Psychology. We were given strict guidelines to maintain neutrality as to not appear to favour one service over the other. With these stipulations we set out to create a modern yet calm identity that could set the building blocks in place for a structured brand development campaign.

The Solution

Mindset Synergy entrusted us to build their visual presence right from their inception. We developed the Visual Identity, Brand Collateral, Digital Presence and we also handle all of their Print Management to ensure quality and a consistent brand image is portrayed at all times. The Identity design stems from Greek Mythology by utilising an abstracted version of the historic Labyrinth.