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Ezy Quotes™ is an Australian service based in Sydney, New South Wales. Conceived and developed by a team who has over 10 years of experience in the energy efficiency sector. Their aim is to share their experience and help people leverage from their vast network of trusted suppliers.

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Brand Development

Graphic Design

UX Design

Web Development

The Brief

We were approached by Jeremy (Founder) to provide a solution to an idea that he had been working on for a while. A Quoting Website with two main focuses – the Renewable Energy Sector and the best damn service imaginable. The website had to be responsive, seamless and work in well with existing off-site quoting processes. It had to be modern and easy to use.

The Solution

For the Website Build we opted for a user-friendly CMS that would allow Ezy Quotes staff to login and retrieve customers quote requests quickly and efficiently. We included a popup to show recent quotes within a certain radius of the customers location on the frontend of the site to improve social proof among prospects.