Article Written by Casey Midgley on October 31, 2016

Qantas – Rebrand’s for the 5th time in over 90 years of Trading.

Qantas is a household brand, everyone in Australia knows it and most Australian’s whether they fly the brand or not certainly do respect it. Earlier this week Qantas revealed its 5th Rebrand since the company started officially trading in 1920. The new brand is more of a brand refresh or modernised version of the previous rebrand by Hans Hulsboch back in 2007. The ‘Roo’ icon never did really change but the updates to the brand Qantas have employed since its birth over 90 years ago have kept the brand young, fresh, clean and modern.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of brands out their that never opt to go through this process which can be disastrous for staying ‘hip’ in such a fast paced and ever changing economy. So our advice to young brands is to keep up with the times, its not a bad thing to go through a brand refresh. The big boys have to do it too!

Esthetik - Qantas Rebrand by Brand Agency HoustonThe new brand was designed and rolled out by an amazing branding agency in Sydney, Australia called Houston. Houston worked on the original Jetstar brand so they’ve had experience in the aerospace industry previously, so this was probably a smart move by Qantas. Hans Hulsboch who did the refresh back in 2007 probably didn’t get a look in this time due to his close working relationship with competing airline, Virgin. Apparently there has been some backlash from some comments made by Hulsboch about Qantas inability to innovate like Virgin, there is more about this here in this article from ‘The Australian’ Magazine.

Esthetik - Qantas Houston Rebrand

Either way, whoever is right and whoever is wrong, where going to showcase the brand refresh here because I think Houston’s done a fantastic job at keeping the brand fresh, updated and modern without jeopardising the recognition that’s taken nearly 100 years for the brand to build. I think this refresh can easily last Qantas another 10 years without any problems.

Esthetik - Qantas Houston Rebrand iPad

Esthetik - Qantas Houston Roo 2

You can view the full brand refresh on Houston’s website here.


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