Article Written by Robyn Larkin on October 1, 2015

Building a powerful brand that connects with people

In today’s business world, there are numerous reasons why most industries need to individualise & niche their company in order to set themselves aside from the rest of the crowd. This can be well achieved by strategic branding. However, a potentially successful brand isn’t something that grows on trees or pops up over night.

Your Brand is the perception somebody has of you, your service, product, business; the list goes on. When building your brand, you want to cleverly place your desired perception in your audience’s mind.

Be passionate and believe in the power of your brand.
If your brand is going to be a long lasting success, you need to be passionate about what you do. Positive vibes are contagious. It’s important to believe in what you do and communicate this on all levels.

A strategic brand should have a niche and it needs to set you aside from the rest of the crowd. Your niche is your strength, communicate this to your clients by helping them understand how it’s going to help them, infect them with emotions, give them an understanding of what it’s going to help them become and how it’s going to make them feel.

A brand like apple is so confident and passionate in its innovative, minimalistic aesthetic appeal when it comes to their products and services and this is known on a global scale. They have pin pointed core emotions that connect their target market to their products with such great intensity that no other brand offering similar products could achieve the same emotional fulfilment.

You Need a Value Proposition.
You will see a lot of companies telling people what they make, what they do, or what their product is. You don’t want to tell people what you can do; you want to show people what you can make happen. Make it an emotional experience for your audience rather than another product being offered on the market.

A great example is McDonald’s new “Create Your Taste.” Their advertisements don’t tell you to come in store and buy their new burgers because you can customise a quarter pounder. They encourage us to explore the limitless options that are now at our fingertips. They allow something “elegantly beautiful” to be created with our own personal wants, feelings and imagination. They have made “What Australia Wants” happen. Its positive and personal for each individual, which is intern proposing a great value to their audience.

Take a look at the video below, and consciously think about the feelings this advertisement triggers.

Target Your Market.
Strategically successful brands have a great understanding of their target market as well as a thorough understanding of their target market’s interests, what pulls at their heartstrings and what triggers certain emotions.

Successful companies will have a set market that they cater towards; this will assist with the successful production of advertisements and also the brand itself. If your brand is strategically tailored, your audience will love and appreciate the feeling of being understood and your brand will become an inspiration. People are creatures in need of emotional fulfilment.

It can be very counterproductive if you are trying to account for everybody’s feelings, wants, needs and emotions and can cause your companies’ brand to become confusing, weak and unconvincing.



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