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The Face of the Twitter Bird

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We’re constantly encouraging our clients to improve their branding and to take their time when it comes to building their brand. We can’t stress enough how important it is for every businesses, small and large to always keep up with the modern society. The importance of good design when it comes to your new business is more important than some realise.

Philip E. Pascuzzo is an exceptionally talented illustrator and book cover designer.
In 2009, Pascuzzo worked on the redesign of the iconic Twitter bird with Co-Founder Biz Stone,
he also created the Twitter bird silhouette seen on your mobile’s application for Twiiter.
Since then Phil has contributed numerous branding materials related to the Twitter brand.
Below is the process that Phillip Pascuzzo went through when it came to designing the brand.


Phil Pascuzzo’s thoughts on being asked to re-design the brand.

“To be honest, the first thing I thought was, “What exactly does Twitter do?”
I had an idea of what it was used 
for and was very aware of its growing cultural value.
Of course I was quite behind the times and never used the internet for social networking at that point.
This confusion was mixed with excitement because I had worked 
with Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone,
before and knew it was going to be a fun and creative project.”

Esthetik Graphic & Web Designers in Morayfield

The Original Twitter Bird – Designed by Biz Stone


How did Phil as a Designer & Illustrator deal with the re-design of the Twitter Mark?

“Biz had sent over the bird mark that he designed, which Twitter was using at the time.
I think he said something to the effect of “can you redesign this logo and add some Phil-style.”
Being a Twitter newbie, I did some research and asked friends that used this communication tool
so that I had a better idea of what the product was. Giving the mark more life and vibrance really
made sense at this point. Like most projects, I began by doodling in my lined notebook and quickly
came up with something I liked. From there I worked in Illustrator to execute the mark in a polished way.”

Esthetik Graphic and Web Designers in Morayfield

Twitter Bird Sketches

Esthetik Graphic and Web Designers in Morayfield

Twitter Bird Variations


What was the biggest challenge creating a re-design for a brand that had already been established?

“When I first became involved, Twitter had already used two different marks for their identity.
The type portion of their logo has remained the same but it seemed like it was a brand that wasn’t married to a mark yet.
I really wanted to make a logo that would be more “human” so that people would feel a greater connection to it.”

Esthetik Graphic and Web Designers in Morayfield

How does a freelancer put a price tag on work that carries a life on its own?

“That has been the most difficult part for me during this whole process. At this stage the value of the mark has exceeded by far any price I could have been paid initially. This also works to my advantage since the high visibility of of my work will hopefully lead to more clients down the road. Ideally I would love to work arm and arm with a more business savvy creative person or team in the future so that I can just concentrate on my work.”


Some More Work By Philip E. Pascuzzo:

Esthetik Graphic and Web Designers in Morayfield

Esthetik Graphic and Web Designers in Morayfield

Esthetik Graphic and Web Designers in Morayfield

Esthetik Graphic and Web Designers in Morayfield





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