Article Written by Robyn Larkin on March 27, 2013

Inspired By Design: New Adaptive Glasses For Worlds Poorest

Zulu man wearing adaptive glasses

“Physicist Creates A Design for Change”


“Josh Silver, a physicist from the U.K began working in 1985, and is continuing to work on the design of a pair of adaptive glasses. This inspirational and creative design will offer billions of the worlds poorest people, a chance to correct their vision.

Silvers aim was to design a pair of glasses that, rather than requiring the assistance of an optician and highly expensive equipment, could be adjusted by the wearer in order to correct their own vision. His aim was to bring the cost of the design down in order to bring affordable glasses to millions of the worlds poorest people who without this fantastic invention, would never otherwise have them.

The now retired professor, aims to have 100 million pairs of the glasses with an extraordinary design to be distributed annually to the worlds most un fortunate people.

Approximately 30,000 pairs of the spectacles have been now been distributed throughout 15 different countries across the globe, however Silver believes that this is not enough. A further 1 million pairs of glasses are planned to be distributed when a trial in India is launched within the next year. Silvers targets are endless as he sees that over half the worlds population have a need for basic eye correction.

The adaptive eyewear features plastic lenses that hold transparent circular sac’s that are filled with fluid. The individual sac’s are then hooked up with a tiny syringe that is attached to the arm on each side of the glasses, where the wearer is then able to adjust the small dial on each side until the right amount of correction is in the lens.


Joshua Silver Explains His Design

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