Article Written by Robyn Larkin on September 16, 2013

How Ink Is Made

As Designers, we find it fascinating to know about the process, the challenges and joy of ink making.

Ink is something that almost everybody in the world uses on a regular basis. Whether it’s at home, work or school. But have you ever thought about the time and care that goes into making the ink itself?

I think it’s safe to say as designers who always have our eyes open for beautiful things, that without the use of ink, our world wouldn’t be half as colourful as it is today.

“Printing…is the preservative of all arts.”


It actually amazes me how many people overlook the beauty of design and print. Two elements that make up the somewhat ‘aesthetic’ world we live in, and we don’t even realise how much of an important roll they play.

Design creates emotion, whether it’s subconscious or not.
When you see a billboard with a nice new car, or a flyer with your favourite band coming to town, it’s targeting your emotions. Playing on them, trying to hit that spot that makes the product or event irresistible.

If you saw a billboard of a gigantic mouthwatering donut while coming from work, you would often think ‘I’ll have to stop in on the way home and grab one.’

But how often do you actually realise the tactic used when it comes to something so simple? Do you ever think ‘Oh, they’re targeting my love for donuts in order to increase their profits?’

Great design surrounds us, as does the art of print, and ink is what gives us the ability, as creative designers to print our materials and promote business’s. Ink gives you the ability to print out important documents, write down important notes, advertise your new business venture , missing pet and help your child to learn.

If it weren’t for ink, our world would be bland and boring rather than beautiful and many things that are now possible, would be near impossible.

We challenge you to see the beautiful things you often don’t care to notice.

Next time you’re out, whether you’re walking the dog or picking the kids up from school, take 5 minutes out of your busy day to just stop, look around at the world that you live in and see how much beauty ink creates. It surrounds us, we just do not care to see it.

Ink has a voice, you just need to take the time to listen.


How Ink Is Made.

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