Article Written by Casey Midgley on June 12, 2013

Apple iOS 7 – The Low Down for App Designer

iOS 7 iPhone User Interface

Apple iOS 7 – The Low Down for Designers

So the guys over at Creative Bloq done a post today on the release of Apple’s iOS 7 User Interface.

Read the full article of iOS 7 User Interface Here

Turns out Apple has dropped all Skeuomorphism effects and is urging designs not to use them.

A skeuomorph is something that retains anachronistic design elements which were integral to the original but are no longer necessary.

For example; A Dashboard of a car is textured to look like leather, drop shadows and beveled buttons are spose to resemble depth and realism, sewn up pockets on jackets, dress shorts with pointless buttons were cufflinks use to go, and the list goes on…
Things that are not needed anymore and are only there because we are used to them and expect them to be.

For example, if you had a suede dashboard on your car you would probably be a little confused.

So, anyway…

Back on topic! Naviagation Elemnts are now transparent. The whole user interface is focused around typography and a simpler approach to working your way around an iPhone. I know, who would have ever thought that Apple could make an even Simpler Ui. There is also a cool function centre which allows you to quickly select popular mode functions such as; screen brightness, aeroplane mode, wifi on/off, music controls, calculator, camera, torch and the Air controls. How cool is that right?!

They have also opened up the main screen to allow more room to be available for weather and notifications, better use of the display for apps such as photo viewing and the camera.

As always iOS 7  is going to be full of white-space!

Some great new things are coming in the new iOS 7 and I for one am looking forward to the dynamic type and the fresh/modern approach.


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Read the full article at Creative Bloq here:

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