Article Written by Casey Midgley on May 7, 2013

Adobe Creative Cloud – Creative Suite has been officially Canned!


Adobe Creative Cloud is the future!

Adobe’s Creative Conference “Adobe MAX” held in Los Angelas, Officially announced that Adobe have “Canned” the very popular Creative Suite and conforming to the Adobe Creative Cloud will be the only way to use the software.

This move forward by the company (which is not at all surprising) means that all Adobe Products will now be available only through their Creative Cloud Service. Individual Applications including Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator will no longer be available to single one-off purchases, instead a license agreement between designers (or the consumer) and Adobe will be put in place by forcing customers who want to use the software to purchase a monthly subscription over a yearly contract.

Different packages to suit different requirements do exist which makes it sort of okay. If you only need Photoshop then you can purchase a license which will grant you access too photoshop only for $19.99 per month. However if you require the whole Creative Cloud Suite be prepared to pay $50 per month in order to use the software.

The creative cloud is great for larger corporations who are upgrading their software every 2-3 years with the current creative suite totalling over $4000- the creative cloud will make a large impact on their current outlay for software, however the individual designers and smaller studios who tend to upgrade every 4-5 years and find it difficult to come up with food & rent each month, now have to worry about finding that extra $50- a month just to earn a living.

One of the main features of Creative Cloud that we are going to love is the fact that we can have all of our software up to date 24/7 – Latest versions as they come out, latest releases and access to 20Gb’s of Cloud Storage, for whatever we need! That’s way more than we have on Dropbox at the moment. Plus you get Full Access to Adobe’s Typekit Library which is another $50- Per year that we can potentially save and if we were also paying for a Dropbox Storage Subscription, not to mention the $4,500- we spend on Creative Suite every 3-4 Years. I am terrible at maths, but i think we will be saving money by conforming to the Creative Cloud Prison.

Personally, I hate the fact of a Monthly Subscription until the final days leading up to a well deserved retirement however I think we all knew this day would come but never expected it to be this soon. The Creative Suite will surely be missed but hey, maybe its time we let the new come out in full armour and accept Creative Cloud with open arms.

R.I.P Creative Suite.

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