Article Written by Robyn Larkin on May 20, 2013

3D Printer Used by Scientists to Print Human Stem Cells


Okay, so we’ve come a long way when it comes to 3D Printing… But a new experiment conducted by scientists in the UK, has given people a reason to ask this bizarre question: Can 3D printing save your life?

Human stem cells have successfully been printed by six scientists in the UK and Scotland  using a  valve-based cell 3D printer that uses bio-inks to fabricate groups of viable stem cells that retain their ability to become any type of cell in your body.   Biological scientists have a great appreciation for stem cells as they are classed as “pluripotent:”  which means that they have the potential to develop intop practiclly anything a human body needs such as muscle tissue,  skin cells and even internal organs. However the collection of stem cells has been a controversial process.

Approximately 70-90% of the cells survived after 72 hours and appeared to be growing. These scientists have printed cells that one day could be used in in-vitro organ regenerations.

It is predicted that “direct in-vivo cell printing for tissue regeneration” will become popular and will allow the future doctors to heal internal injuries without surgery.

This discovery is a little more interesting than using a 3D printer to print out 3D business cards, right? So, could a 3D printer save your life?



Article Source: John Koetsier: VentureBeat

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