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Esthetik by Hatchet now offers you a one-stop solution for your business to kick start or refresh your brand visually and verbally so you can conquer the world.


We take your relationships to the next level. Think more than a logo. Your brand is what wins the hearts and minds of your consumers. It dictates how you’re perceived within your industry and the wider market. Esthetik by Hatchet gives you everything you need for your business to interact, connect and speak in volumes with your customers while enabling you to get on with your business and do what you do best! So let’s run you through a few reasons why you should keep on reading.

Some Of Our Success Stories


“It’s more than a fancy suit on a first date”

A Brand is more than what meets the eye. It’s the experience a customer has with your business on a much bigger scale. A brand shouldn’t feel intrusive and it should never disrupt a person from your core product, service or solution. On the contrary, it should compliment an encounter with your business to leave a lasting and memorable impression.

Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have total control over the interactions your customers have with your brand making it easier than ever to do business with you.

One of our core focuses for any brand is on a simplistic design that empowers the user and makes them feel comfortable during a business transaction with your organisation. It’s what connects you with the world and is comprised of many elements, from your logo, branding colours, design elements, tone of voice and style.

It’s time to show you through what branding services Esthetik by Hatchet can offer your business.

Am I pretty enough...

$875.00 + GST

A visual identity to get your brand started.

  • Visual Brand Identity Presentation
  • Print Ready Logos
  • Mini Brand Guide
  • Brand expression visual concepts

Branding + Digital
The Big Kahuna (Most popular)

$5,350 + GST

Am I Pretty Enough + Let’s Get Digital and...

  • Business Card Design and Print Ready PDF File
  • Letterhead Design and Print Ready PDF File
  • Envelope Design and Print Ready PDF File
  • Email Signature supplied in HTML Format
  • Social Media (Cover Photo and Profile Picture)

Let’s get digital

$3,400 + GST

Am I Pretty Enough and...

  • Website Concept Mock
  • Website Framework Set Up
  • Website Build
  • Website Launch
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